From Head to Toe


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Written by the acclaimed author, Eric Carle, who has once again reached out and in his special way say “Come play with me”.

This interactive book invites your child to learn and imitate each of the different animal movements, such as bending their necks, stomping their foot, thumping their chest (XX’s personal favourite) and many more!

This book is on repetition (click here to learn more of why repetition is important for your child) of “Can you…” and “I can do it”. “I can do it” is also the confidence-building message of this fun-filled interactive picture book.

Extension activity ideas

  1. Instead of reading, ask your child, “what does a penguin do?”
  2. Imitate the animal movement (eg: thump your chest) and ask your child, “Do you know what animal am I?”
  3. Ask where the body parts that were mentioned in the book are, for example, “I am a Penguin. I can turn my head. Where is your head? Can you point your head?”
  4. When your child is familiar with the book, you could turn the pages slowly and ask, “What animal is next?” before revealing the next page. Older kids often can remember most of the animals

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