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Great for toddlers, preschoolers, and early readers to learn about cause and effect in a simple and engaging way.

Do you know that children loves being told what to do? It thrills them sometimes, especially when they see what happens when they did what they were told. From the title onward children are given specific directions like “press the yellow dot again” and “try shaking the book”. For every action the child takes, the book seems to respond with the turn of a page. Dots fly in all directions. Sometimes child readers turn out the lights. Other times the dots grow huge on the page with every clap of the reader. By the time you’ve reached the end all the book has to say is, “want to do it all over again?” and you can bet that every reader in the room, tall or small, will scream out an appreciative “YES!!!” in response.

This interactive book doesn’t include pop ups, nor flaps to lift. It’s a new breed of book.

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