The Very Hungry Caterpillar


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Another bestselling children’s book in the world. This book has been so beautifully written that it teaches so many things in one story! Your child will learn fruits, days of the week and colours!

This book is short enough for young babies to pay attention to, while complex enough for older babies to learn the new things they see in the book.

Extension activity ideas:

  1. Name the food drawn in the book, or asking which one is which, for example, “Which one is the muffin?”
  2. Pause to let them fill in the days. “On……. -Monday- he ate through one apple”
  3. Naming colours. “What colour is the apple?”
  4. “How many strawberries are there?”
  5. You could use a green chenille stick to pretend that it’s a caterpillar, poking it through the holes of the food in the book.

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